Nathan's GEOS Page

Activating Expert Mode on OmniGo

The advantage with the Express Menu is, that you can see and control which application is loaded and active, at any point in time. You can also bring up the print control panel to see what print jobs are in the queue.

Because you can't edit the GEOS.INI file once the OmniGo has started GEOS, you have to copy GEOS.INI to GEOS.NEW (or any name you choose). This file can be edited with an ASCII text editor on the OmniGo or be copied to your PC and edited there. These instructions make use of the OmniGo File Manager from Blue Marsh Softworks (Ray Schuler will have one, too.). The text editor could be Blue Marsh Softworks' Text Editor, or Ray Schuler's OGEdit.

These instructions are based on an e-mail message from Frédéric Bösch. Keep in mind that editing your .INI files is not recommended by Geoworks. Any changes you make that result in system failure are entirely your responsibility. To recover from severe problems, just pull out all the batteries, including the backup battery. You will lose everything, from changes to the .INI files to your documents, as well. It would be prudent to first backup everything to a PC.

- Start your favorite OmniGo file manager.
- In the B:\GEOWORKS\DOCUMENT directory, rename GEOS.INI to GEOS.NEW
- Start your favorite OmniGo text editor.
- Open the GEOS.NEW file.
- Make these changes to the [paths] section:

 ini = b:\geoworks\net.ini

- Save those changes.
- Open the NET.INI file.
- Changes these lines in the [uiFeatures] section:

 interfaceLevel = 3
 launchLevel = 3
 launchModel = 2
 docControlFSLevel = 2
 docControlOptions = 5568
 expressOptions = 4088

- Save those changes.
- Open the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
- Makes these changes to the end of the file:

 cd \
 cd geoworks
 REM This is the new line.
 copy geos.ini

- Save those changes.
- Close the text editor and start your favorite file manager again.
- Copy B:\GEOWORKS\DOCUMENT\NET.INI to B:\GEOWORKS. Select Yes to overwrite.
- Copy B:\GEOWORKS\DOCUMENT\AUTOEXEC.BAT to B:\. Select Yes to overwrite.
- Now reboot your OmniGo with SHIFT-ON-NEXT. The changes to GEOS.INI will make GEOS look for the NET.INI file on drive B: and all the changes you made in NET.INI will be used for GEOS.

Original instructions by Frédéric Bösch.
Additional editing by Nathan Fiedler